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Farmington Hills, Michigan

Total Home Security gives you complete protection from any threat with residential and commercial security systems in Michigan. With cutting-edge remote controlled technology and refined sensor devices, you can see, monitor and regulate your home from anywhere, whether you are at work, on vacation, down the street or getting ready for bed. Using home or business camera systems, detectors, light controls, electronic locks and alarm monitoring, you can be sure every ingress or egress around your home or business is safe and secure. Total Home Security provides complete and reliable protection that gives you peace of mind as well as eyes and ears in every area of your home or workplace, so you, your family and your employees can feel safe. Total Home Security protects your assets, your confidence and your well-being, keeping all residents safe from threats both inside and outside the home. With sensors monitoring doors and windows, electronic locks that you can time and control remotely, camera systems to watch your building and provide evidence in the case of an incident, Total Home Security not only provides eyes to watch your building, but also serves as a reliable guard you can trust, twenty four hours a day, all year round.

Total Home Security now gives you more features and technology to keep your home or business safe, with unbeatable price packages. When you install a home security package, you receive $850 worth of state-of-the-art home or business protection equipment, all run through a wireless system. This system can be installed in as little as 24 hours, allowing you get pinpoint protection for any location as soon as you need it. The alarm and monitoring system includes a touch screen keypad to control every function of the system throughout your home, as well as a remote-controlled key fob to access the system as you are leaving or entering your home. You will also receive three door sensors that detect any movement at any ingress or egress around your home and a wireless motion detector with an infrared trap zone to target and catch any intruders in your home. These devices all communicate seamlessly with the wireless touch screen, allowing you to arm and disarm the system according to a unique pass code. The key fob allows you to arm or disarm the system from the driveway or the road, so you can enter easily and arm the system before you leave. This security package is an ideal, affordable installation for homeowners who want to keep their valuables and their family safe at all times, with an easy-to-use and mobile system.

When you leave for work in the morning, when you lock your doors at night or if you just step out for a few minutes, Total Home Security gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry or double-check to make sure you locked your doors as you left. If your children arrive home from school before you get back from work, you don’t have to call and check in to make sure they are safe. If you come home at night, you don’t have to check your doors and windows to look for break-ins, and you don’t have to worry about your valuables when you are away. Total Home Security takes care of all your worries and concerns with targeted technology that guards every entry point of your home. In addition to protecting your home from burglars, vandals or other intruders, Total Home Security systems also protect you, your family and your home from other threats, such as fire, flood or carbon monoxide. Total Home Security even gives you the power to control less threatening problems, such as lowering your power bills by remotely controlling your thermostat or by remotely turning on or off lights or appliances. With video monitoring controls, you can make sure your family is home safe with a click of a button, wherever you are. If you are getting home late you can turn on lights to greet you. The list of capabilities and protection is endless, but Total Home Security most guards against the problems and incidents you can’t foresee. With Total Home Security in place, there are no surprises and you are never left without protection, no matter what may threaten your home or workplace.

Learn more about Total Home Security’s alarm systems, sensors, remote protection, home control mechanisms and other devices. Take a look at the home security system installation special to get affordable deals on your introductory home or workplace security system. Learn more online or call Total Home Security today to schedule an installation appointment and get your home or business protected against any threats, inside or outside. We also specialize in home theaters and home theater installation near Farmington Hills, MI.