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Protect your home or business with around-the-clock residential monitoring and security protection in Michigan. Total Home Security gives you complete home protection that is more affordable than ever, with a full-scale system included with your installation.

Home security systems are the easiest and most reliable way to protect your home from intruders and other threats. Homes with a security system installed automatically repel home invaders, as burglars and vandals will choose a more easily accessible and less threatening home to target. With a basic installation package you will receive $850 worth of auxiliary hardware to secure every entry point in your home. With a $69 installation scheduled at your convenience, you will receive detectors to place at three doors, which communicate automatically with the touch screen keypad home base. You will also receive a motion detector to place at any location and detect any movement around the sensor. Finally, a camera completes your package, allowing you to record any visitor that comes to your doorstep, welcome or unwelcome. The key fob allows you to control each aspect of the system remotely, so you can arm the system from the road as you leave or disarm the system as you are entering.

Learn more about each device and contact Total Home Security today to get your complete residential alarm package installed.

1 Easy-to-use Touchscreen Keypad
Residential Alarm

  • Wireless design, meaning: NO WIRES TO RUN!
  • Weather alerts
  • 110 decibel siren with voice door chime
3 Door Sensors

  • Wireless design
  • Detect opening and closing of the entry
  • Tamper switch for extra security – so no one can disable from inside
1 Wireless Motion Detector

  • Wireless design
  • Detects a criminals movement with its infa-red trap zone
  • Pet-friendly up to 60 lbs.
1 Convenient Key Fob

  • Wireless up-to 300 feet
  • Can arm/disarm system from car or street
  • Serve as a mobile panic button